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Angel of Music Examples :iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:CatWoman-cali-onyx 7 2 Disney Princess Dress Remake: Rapunzels New Dress :iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:CatWoman-cali-onyx 9 6 Song Bird Examples :iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:CatWoman-cali-onyx 6 0 Rise of the Guardians Musical Soundtrack Cover :iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:CatWoman-cali-onyx 5 2 Born for the Rose and Pearl Examples :iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:CatWoman-cali-onyx 8 1 New Guardians: Corrupted Titania/Odile :iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:CatWoman-cali-onyx 8 22
The Little Snow Mermaid Chapter 4
Elsa and Olaf checked on the unconscious Jack as soon as Elsa pulled him up to safety on the beach.
"Is he...dead?" Elsa asked Olaf, concerned and hoping that Jack's heart was still beating.
"It's hard to say," Olaf shrugged before rushing over to Jack's, taking hold of it and listening carefully, then his face fell, not hearing anything at all. "Oh, I-I can't make out a heart beat."
To her joy, Elsa saw Jack's chest moving as he breathed normally, "No, look! He's breathing! He's so beautiful." Elsa moved a strand of his white hair back into place as she started singing.
"What would I give to live where you are?
What would I pay to stay here beside you?
What would I do to see you smiling at me?"
Anna just then swam up to shore, watching her older sister singing to the human boy in surprise and shock. Jack started to stir and his eyelids fluttered open as he heard the mermaid singing to him and saw a very clear glimpse of her.
"Where would we walk?
Where would we run?
If we could stay a
:iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:CatWoman-cali-onyx 3 0
Pitch Black x Reader: Black Is The New White
You sighed, feeling exhausted and tired as you laid on your bed, dress up in a pretty, long and white nightgown. You are usually a person who would love to stay up all night, so you tried your best to stay awake. But after a minute, fighting to keep your ( Eye Color ) eyes open, you drifted off into your own little dream world.
You were dreaming about ( Your Favorite Dream ) that night. But then, your dream suddenly turned into a nightmare about ( Your Biggest Fear ). You were struggling to wake up and moaned, begging yourself to wake up right now. That was when your nightmare started getting worse. You fought harder and harder to wake up.
Then you let out a gasp, finally waking up, but only to see a new scenery around you. You weren't in your bed anymore, in fact you were...somewhere else. You saw cages hanging above you, and a huge labyrinth around you too. You never saw anything like this before. The last thing you remember was sleeping in your room, so you guessed someone might've
:iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:CatWoman-cali-onyx 9 2
Sandy x Reader: When You Wish Upon A Star
You sighed contentedly as you watched the shooting stars fly in the dark night sky, making a wish as you did so. You wished that the Sandman or Sandy the Guardian of Dreams would love you back. You were also a Guardian as well. You were ( Your Name ) or ( Your Guardian Name ) the Guardian of ( Your Center ).
Long before you were chosen to be a Guardian by Manny or the Man in the Moon, you believed in every magical being alike like North or Santa Claus, Bunny or the Easter Bunny, Tooth or the Tooth Fairy, Sandy, and even Pitch or the Boogeyman.
You always loved it when Sandy gave you the most pleasant of dreams you always wanted whenever you were fast asleep. He also might be quiet, but he was also very protective of you and acted kindly and gently towards you. That is why you love him so much now.
On the day that you were chosen to join the Guardians, you were too afraid to tell him that however, and what you were afraid of the most was that he might not love you back, probably because
:iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:CatWoman-cali-onyx 5 3
RotG x Book of Life: Jack Frost x Maria
" this?" A Mexican girl by the name of Maria asked herself. It was snowing in San Angel, Mexico, which never usually happens, until now. She rushed outside to get a much closer look and see the surprising yet breathtaking view for herself.
"Oh my goodness," Maria said under her breath. "This is so amazing!"
"Thank you," A male voice laughed, making her turn around and see a new face, a boy who had a wintery look to him as well, balancing himself on a wooden staff. "I do my best."
"Who are you?" Maria asked him.
"My name is Jack Frost," He introduced himself, leaping off his staff and grabbing it quickly as he landed on the ground. "The Guardian of Fun. And you are?"
"I'm Maria Posado," Maria said, at a loss for words. "And what do you mean by Guardian?"
"I'm actually Guardian of Childhood," Jack explained. "Well, one of them at least. There's also Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, and the Easter Bunny. We secretly protect everyone on Earth, especially kids from danger.
:iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:CatWoman-cali-onyx 2 1
Jack Frost x Reader: Valentine's Day Special
Today was the day that you celebrate Valentine's day. That means roses, chocolates, and even kissing. Lots and lots of kissing. But neither of it is the reason why you celebrate that holiday. You celebrated it because you were thinking of one special boy in particular whom you never stopped thinking of. And that special boy is named Jack Frost.
You've known him ever since you were a little girl. It was just like this. You first met him when you were in elementary school. It was a snow day and you were trying to ice skate with your parents. But you were afraid that you were going to slip or fall through the ice. When you slipped the third time, something unexpected happened to you. You starting skating around, making a figure eight like a pro. Your parents were so proud of you and your friends asked you how you did that. You said even you didn't know.
Then when you first started ice skating on your own, that was when you saw him. An eternally young 18 year old boy with pale skin, bare f
:iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:CatWoman-cali-onyx 6 1
Happy Valentine's Day!! :D :iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:CatWoman-cali-onyx 6 0 New Guardians: Titania About To Be Turned :iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:CatWoman-cali-onyx 9 1 Glimpse Throught Time Challenge 3: Valentine's Day :iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:CatWoman-cali-onyx 10 3 Fantasy Model Challenge 9: Tails :iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:CatWoman-cali-onyx 5 1 Model Challenge 19: Here Comes The Bride :iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:CatWoman-cali-onyx 11 1


SaD Desgin Feature Contest?
Alright, seeing as I am FINALLY recovering after becoming the embodiment of week old Hell in a microwave, how about a contest?
SaD (or Solitude and Darkness) is still surprisingly getting some love on my AO3 and, and while updates have all but stopped due to school, I feel like I should give my readers something fun to play with.
Namely, a design contest. 
And in true Sumi fashion, I want to ask if anyone would be interested in participating before hosting the contest itself.
What would the contest be about?
It's a design contest! Namely a sort of 'fashion' design contest, but you get only one subject to work off of, and certain guidelines to work.
The goal of the contest is to design an outfit for Jack Frost, and the outfit theme is 'what if he was a Dark Spirit'. Now, let's get one thing straight. This is not a contest catering to the 'dark Jack' or the them of Jack taking Pitch's side in the movie. 
That said, the contest would have specific gui
:iconsumi-sprite:Sumi-Sprite 1 8
Frozen in Time Page 33 :iconcherrysapphire:CherrySapphire 4 4 Can't Handle Flower :icontaylor-denna:Taylor-Denna 9 13 Frost Bite :iconsunstar-of-the-north:Sunstar-Of-The-North 6 6 Frozen in Time Page 32 :iconcherrysapphire:CherrySapphire 6 11 New cover? :iconcherrysapphire:CherrySapphire 4 14
Return of the Nightmare King: 3
[This is typed out in mine and FursonaKittenMittens' role playing format.]
(Back at North's workshop everyone is on edge.
Tooth keeps flying back and forth thoughtfully, rambling as her nerves take hold of her.)
Tooth: What if Pitch hurts them? They might be trapped! Should we go find them?
North: No! If they show up and we are not here, what will they do then?
Tooth: Ohhh...!
(She flutters back and forth.
Her fairies try to console her but she doesn't stay still long enough for them to be able to help.
Eventually they just give up.
Bunny has been unusually quiet; he knows if he were to say anything, the others may know he's worried and he wants to stay strong for Tooth's sake, seeing as how she's a nervous wreck.
However, they're worries are soon eased when Jack bursts in.)
Jack: Hey guys! *smiling big*
Bunny: *perks up* Jack! *walks over to him* It's about
:iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 7 16
Return of the Nightmare King: 2
[This story is typed in mine and FursonaKittenMittens' role playing format.]
(The forest is pretty much how it always was, only the old abandoned bed that once harbored an entrance to Pitch's home is gone, the hole closed.
The ground looks all the same.
Birds chirp, a few squirrels play.
To the mortal world, all is peaceful.
But to the Guardians, something wicked can be felt.)
Sandy: *pauses and looks at his feet* .....
(The ground rumbles beneath them ever so slightly.
Sandy looks up at Jack with straight, uncertain eyes.)
Jack: *looks at him then at the ground* Yeah... *kneels down and touches the ground* I feel it too. It's almost chaotic... *stands up straight* Do you remember where the well is? *looks at Sandy*
(Sandy looks around for a minute, then jumps, looks at Jack and then back at the way and points.
He makes a sand arrow appear above his head, pointing
:iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 6 2
Return of the Nightmare King: 1
[The following story is done in mine and FursonaKittenMittens 's role playing format.]
(Somewhere in the North Pole it sounds like the start of a bad joke, but it's real whether one believes or not.
Santa, more personally known as North, has gathered his close companions, the Guardians to inform them of something very jarring...
       They all stand in front of the Globe, and North faces his friends.)
North: Now that we have acquainted, is time to talk about problem...
Bunny: *sigh* Look I know some of my eggs got into your shop last year and messed up a few things, but in my defense they don't have any eyes so they probably thought they were still at the Warren. 
Jack: *clears his throat* Um, bunny? The yetis and I got that cleaned up so.... *smirks* He didn't know about that. 
(His smirk becomes a grin as S
:iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 9 5
Frozen in Time Page 31 :iconcherrysapphire:CherrySapphire 4 9 Frozen in Time Chapter 6 :iconcherrysapphire:CherrySapphire 4 9 Guardians: Remembering Shadows - pg. 10 :iconvynndetta:Vynndetta 51 34 3D vs 2D :iconlawliette-chan:Lawliette-chan 38 21 Pie Family Redux :iconmagicandmysterygal:MagicandMysteryGal 23 4 ::: 1,000 ::: WATCHERS!!! ::: :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 46 37 Crocker and Ngawari: BIOs :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 25 10


I'm dying to ask William Joyce the genius behind Rise of the Guardians this question: In the next book of Guardians of Childhood, will we get to know the real name of Pitch's wife, Lady Pitchiner? And how Pitch had first met her and what she's like? I can't wait any longer to ask this and I'm eager! :D I am a dummy!  An Emoticon From Years Gone By Nod  Love  Heart 
110 deviations
...Check this out! WHOO HOO!! :D I am a dummy! :happybounce:  La la la la Clap  Meow :3  Giggle  Hug Love Heart   Link:… I found it on Tumblr a while ago and this is where it came from! Nod :) ;) Rise of the Guardians shorts were made and one of them is about Pitch, but they won't let William Joyce release it! Face Palm emote  Can you believe that?! We got to do something about this, like start a fundraiser or something! For William Joyce and Rise of the Guardians! Emote - Jack Frost Emote - Bunnymund  Who's with me? And anyone who agrees with that idea and is a huge fan of Rise of the Guardians like I am, say aye! Ooh, ohh, I know 
Angel of Music Examples
My models Camille, Laurel, and Florence dressed up to look like angels for :iconmusicals-alike:'s fifth model challenge called "Sing my Angel of Music" ( I didn't make the wings, cause I thought it would be too hard). :) :D ;) Nod  Singing  .: angel :. 
Which Rise of the Guardians fan fiction do you guys think that I should finish first? :) :D ;) Meow :3  Cause I want to finish them all so badly do I can work on new ones, I just don't want to drive myself crazy and put too much pressure on myself. XD 


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Shannon Leslie Sheldon
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I'm Shannon, and I'm just a goofy 23 year old girl who's a huge fan of a lot of things as such, but my most favorite is Rise of the Guardians. And I'm still a child on the inside and outside and I'm really proud of it.


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